How can I join?
How can I support the VVA?

Membership in the VVA is open to U.S. Armed Forces veterans satisfying either of the qualifications listed below:

  • on active duty (for other than training purposes) in the Republic of Vietnam
    between February 28, 1961 and May 7, 1975
  • in any duty location between August 5, 1964 and May 7, 1975

Membership in the AVVA is open to all family members, friends, supporters, and veterans of all other eras, and includes the same benefits as a VVA member.

Become a VVA member

Become a VVA member


Become an AVVA member

Become an AVVA member

AVVA Membership Applications MUST be sent to:

AVVA Lockbox 8602
Colesville Rd.
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Charter Members of VVA Chapter 1031

Joe Arostigui

Grover Fields

John Lang

Garry Prather

Dave Bacon

Ray Fisher (dec)

Jim Lennox

George Prather

David Barber (dec)

Gary Gilmore

Wayne Louth

Pete Reilly

Steve Brown

John Gonzalez

Dennis Merling

Steve Ryan

Pete Brunhaver

Ruben Graciano

Rick Mickels

Ronald Serafine

Jack Burns (dec)

Harvey Higgins

Thomas Morton

Max Six

Al Chavez

George Jackson

John Mowery

Richard Tardell

Ric DuDeck

Dale Johnston

Jon Norell

Alex Villalva

Richard Dyer (dec)

Don Jones

David Nyerges

Dan Voeks

James Ellison

Lenny Kerbs

Edward Ortiz

Scott Wolf


Nancy Kerbs

Dan Papp

John Woodbury

Dan Papp Don Jones Raymond Fisher

Dan Papp - USMC

Don Jones - USA

Ray Fisher - USN

David Truax Peter Riedner Lenny Kerbs Nancy Kerbs

David Truax - USMC

Peter Riedner - USMC

Lenny Kerbs - USA

Nancy Kerbs - USA/USN

Harvey Higgins Ruben Graciano Dick Dyer John Woodbury

Harvey Higgins - USA

Ruben Graciano - USA

Dick Dyer - USAF

John Woodbury - USN

Al Chavez Steve Ryan John Lang

Al Chavez - USN

Steve Ryan

John Lang - USA

Steve Fanter

Steve Fanter - USMC

Ron Serafine

Ron Serafine - USAF

Steve Eckburg - USA


Van Moore